My Converter Pro

My Converter Pro 3.2

Excellent scientific converter from Softatics

This Piece of Art Software is an excellent tool that you can use for multiple purposes: calculator, unit converter, currency converter, coder and all that you need in this genre.

My Converter Pro is a program that has been intentionally planned, analyzed, and reasoned thinking about the need that there is in complementing in an stand alone utility the tools for the daily scientific conversions, measurements, calories, codes and include a full Scientific Calculator.

It is designed with an interface easy to handle, complete in the programming but simple in the use, with a very competitive price.

Scientific Conversions:

  • Complete (all the scientific unit conversions that you are looking for)

  • High precision and Reliability of the conversions (based on the NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology)

  • Data inputs : standard (1750) or engineering (1.75e3)

  • Computer memory conversions (extra)

  • Instantaneous Conversions (high speed), since it was developed in the "Mother" of the programming's languages "C/C++"

Daily Conversions (non-scientific conversions that only you can find in this utility software)
Clothing Size Conversions ( USA - UK - Europe )

  • Bra Size

  • Children's Clothing

  • Children's Shoes

  • Men's Shirts

  • Men's Shoes

  • Men's Suits

  • Women's Blouses, Sweater.

  • Women's Dresses, Coats

  • Women's Shoes

  • Health Center

  • Food Calories

  • Fast Food Calories

  • Calories burned during exercise activities

  • Ideal Body Weight (man and woman)

Cooking Conversions. Many common volume conversions found in the kitchen : cups, teaspoons, tablespoons, pints, quarts, and many more.
  • Roman Numerals

  • ASCII Code. Complete Ascii character Table.

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My Converter Pro


My Converter Pro 3.2

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